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Waheguru Wahegur Kar Bandeya - Bhai Harbans Singh

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Parents reject Sikh school places

The school says it will not allow any meat on the premises but children can opt-out of morning prayers Parents have said they rejected places at a new Sikh school because their children would have felt "out of place" as they do not follow the faith.

Kelowna's Vaisakhi Day parade this Saturday

In an outpouring of rich flavours and vibrant colour, Kelowna's Sikh community will bring long-held traditions to local streets.

Film crew aims to help solve Elk Grove killings

A family photo of Surinder Singh, 65, who was shot and killed Friday, March 4 while walking with his friend Gurmej Atwal, 78, in Elk Grove.

Local Sikhs celebrate festival

It is noisy and lively and colorful. It is filled with music and food and kinship.

Man, 20, accused of pulling the beard of a Sikh Columbia University professor and

When George met George: Little prince is introduced to a bilby named in his honor on trip to the zoo with William and Kate The million dollar meth lab: Police raid high tech drug production base in luxury lake front mansion that was stacked with guns Caught! USPS worker who was in 'unspeakable pain' claimed $300k in disability checks for five years ... (more)

Hate Crime Charge in NYC Attack on Sikh Professor

A man police say pulled the beard of a Sikh professor last year in New York City has been charged with a hate crime.

Hate crime charge in NYC attack on Sikh professor

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Hate crime charge in NYC attack on Sikh professor

A man police say pulled the beard of a Sikh professor last year in New York City has been charged with a hate crime.

Week of observances

Religious ceremonies, some solemn, some joyous, took place around the world this week.

Surrey's Vaisakhi Parade expects more than 200,000 spectators

More than 200,000 people are expected to attend Surrey's annual Vaisakhi Parade Saturday, celebrating one of the most important days in the Sikh calendar.

Sikhs donate to Oso during their holiest day

On the holiest day in the calendar of the Sikh faith, the members of the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Marysville demonstrated one of the central tenets of their religion - that of charity toward others, regardless of their backgrounds - by raising $4,100 and presenting it to Snohomish County Executive John Lovick on Sunday, April 13, the Marysville ... (more)

Young Sikhs in Maryland fight bias with diplomacy in the classroom

Young members of the Guru Gobind Singh temple say they are committed to combating prejudice and bullying.

Stage set for Baisakhi bash

Come Sunday evening, Guru Nanak Higher Secondary School at Pee Pee Compound in Ranchi will turn into a mini Punjab, thanks to the efforts of All India Sikh Students' Federation.

Canada to allow Sikh kirpans in its embassies and missions abroad

Eight years after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that kirpans - the ceremonial daggers worn by those of the Sikh faith - could be safely brought into schools under certain conditions, they will now be allowed into all Canadian embassies and missions abroad.

Vaisakhi takes over Surrey this weekend

On Saturday , Vaisakhi, one of the most important events on the Sikh religious calendar, returns to the streets of Newton.

Sikh Empire relic bought by Calgary billionaire

When Calgary billionaire Bob Dhillon placed the winning bid on a 19th-century curved sword in a recent British auction, he didn't see himself as merely purchasing the sword -- he was liberating it.

Sikhs allowed to carry kirpans in Canadian missions -

Toronto, April 16: The Canadian government has approved a new policy which allows Sikh visitors to Canadian diplomatic missions abroad to wear kirpans.


Many homes along the Vaisakhi parade route which went along Marine Drive, up Main Street, down East 49th Avenue, and down Fraser Street back to the Ross Street Temple, offered free vegetarian food for those in attendance.

Tamils and Sikhs usher in new year

PETALING JAYA: Tamils and Sikhs marked an auspicious day yesterday with grand celebrations of the Tamil New Year and Vaisakhi, respectively.

Photo Slideshow: Sikhs from four continents flock to Pakistan for Vaisakhi festival

The gurdwara, in Hassan Abdal, Pakistan, before pilgrims start to arrive from India, Afghanistan, Africa, North Africa and Australia for the Vaisakhi Festival.



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